President’s Message

My name is ILESH PATEL, and I would like to thank you all IAOK members to provide me an opportunity and honor to serve our Indian Community. It is my privilege as a President of the India Association of Oklahoma (IAOK) to welcome you to this exciting year. IAOK made possible by hard work of many dedicated leaders in our community. For all those who believed in me, trusted me with my abilities to join this prestigious Club of community leaders, all I want to do is to just live up to their and your expectations.

Our motto this year is simple “To make change is to Act!” IAOK is a reflection of you! So let your smile, affection, love, and generosity change the world but never let the world change your smile, love, and generosity. There are blessings every day. You must find them, create them and treasure them. Surround yourself only with people who bring out the best in you and lift you higher. This year our Executive Committee consists of very talented, enthusiastic, and dedicated team members. I request you all to join in any way you can to support the IAOK events, either by volunteering and/or by contributing towards it. I am positive that as a team and as one big family we can make huge difference in someone’s life.

We are going to introduce some new programs this year to make it more interesting. We will be doing our communication electronically via email and Facebook. Please provide us an email for communication. I request all members and guests to participate fully by responding the invitation. That way we can make sure that, we have adequate, amount of foods, seating’s etc. available for the people during that particular event. Remember, the intention of this organization is to serve the interest of all of us. We can achieve its full potential and benefit only with the involvement of all of us. Therefore, we request your involvement, collaboration, and more participation from youth participation. We will be addressing community harmony in order to establish a higher standard. I need your help to make our Organization a positive environment. We encourage and urge all of you to get involved and bring in new ideas and suggestions to our growing Indian Association of Oklahoma City. A key ingredient to the success of any organization is a sense of togetherness. Please remember that this is OUR ORGANIZATION. You, me & every one of us who are a part of IAOK have to continue to put in efforts to make this a better place for our next generation. Together we are strong… “Our India, our IAOK!”

This year I have introduced a community service initiative back home in India. We have never served to the needy people back home in India. We prosper in this country, but occupation of our busy life keep forgetting about the pain and suffering of the needy back home who are in dire need of help & resources that we can offer to improve their life and feature. We have resource available to make positive difference in someone’s life. May the blessings from the receiving families can bring some positive change & luck in our lives.

The Community service initiatives are:
— Indian Clothing Donation to needy & under privileged families in India,
— Adopting one to two family children for their education support by providing school fees, supplies, and uniform, and
— Adopting one to two disabled elderly couple that do not have any dependent and those who are either neglected by their family members, who do not have any means of any help financially or physically, to provide a year full subscription of lunch and dinner tiffin service.

It is my request to all the community members to join hand in sharing your love, affection by contributing to this great cause for these needy people in India. We will be providing their progress on a regular basis. By bringing smile on the needy gives me utmost satisfaction and I am positive that it will bring it to you too.

Therefore, I urge you to join IAOK and use this opportunity to socialize, volunteer and serve the Indian Community and the Oklahoma Community at large and people back home by being an active member of IAOK.
Finally, please make this as your priority to become an IAOK member by submitting your membership dues. Please send your check along with the completed form to the address:
  P. O. Box 6828
  Moore, OK -73153


1) Your family membership, ($70.00) include your spouse, children, and parents. Individual membership ($35.00) includes for one individual only. The membership will be valid for Jan – Dec 2019 of the Calendar year only.
2) You can pay your membership dues by credit card on line from the WWW.IAOK.ORG.

We are very pleased to inform you that IAOK is able to provide the highest value for your membership dollars compared to most of the other community organizations, thanks to generous contribution from our sponsors and well-wishers. Free movies, Holi, Meet & Greet, Picnic, Independence Day, and Diwali are free events for IAOK members. There will be some paid events too and we will provide details prior to events.


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